Maegan Gassoff and I in her dining room with a freshly painted bear, a 30 x 36 inch acrylic on canvas, done in a painterly style to bring out the subtle but fascinating range of colour in her sun-bleached coat.

Grizzly Mama by Julie Karey April 2019

Version 5

While at first sight, she appears menacing, if you look closely, you can see that she has a bit of an intriguing expression in her eyes.


Aside from the exaggerated colour palette, there is a lot of subtle variation in the coat that comes out when the light changes. There are probably 20+ different shades and hues of purple.


Bears are a huge fascination to us northerners. They are powerful creatures, but are also gentle and delicate, picking wild berries as a regular source of food, for example. I have been stunned to come across a patch of wild berries in the middle of nowhere completely picked over, berry bushes unscathed.

Photo credit: Patty Karey



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