Small animal watercolour and ink - by Julie Karey

Spring and Easter are on the horizon. It is a distant horizon, but a horizon no less! T’is the season for bunny rabbits, baby chicks and chocolate eggs.

While I can’t help with the chocolate eggs, unless eating them is the goal, I can help with the bunnies and baby chicks, or other animals. I love to paint their furry little faces!

I’ve got an Etsy listing for a custom animal painting. It’s affordable, in a classic style that parents and their kids seem to love.

You can choose a photo or I can choose one for you, and then I will create a custom ink and watercolour painting just for you!

Click on the picture for more information

Just click on any of the pictures or hypertext in this post, and they will link you to the listing and more information.

Would you prefer a print? I’m considering offering those as well. Kindly shoot me a message below to let me know.

Baby chick painting, ink and watercolour, by Julie Karey — click on the picture for more information