Just a quick log to say that web publishing is not for the faint of heart or slight of mind. I bow down to people who really know how to do this stuff.

And apologies for any confusion or inconvenience that came of my botched attempt at upgrading the options available on my site.

There is a reason I am an artist and not a web designer, except I am a web designer, too, unfortunately!

I have a few things in mind that I would like to do that would really be helped by upgrading my site. I want to create the option for digital downloads and start creating an online shop. One of the immediate aims with this is to share some of my more hopeful and encouraging paintings through a giveaway event for some prints. There’s not much I can do for people right now, but I figure I can do this.

Long story short, I tried to create an online shop, which prompted me to install a more sophisticated theme, and …


Actually, this glitch screen here could have been appreciated as art. My website fail was much less pretty, mostly consisting of pitifully empty pages announcing PAGE NOT FOUND, menus making no sense whatsoever, or social icons piled on top of each other. The worst of it involved a bunch of “example” products and posts fired off to Facebook and through email (face-palm).


How many expletives have I muttered or pointedly fired at my computer? There’s got to be a counter for that somewhere. Expletive count as of 5:13 Sunday April 5th, 2020: 5,872. New expletives in the last 24 hours: 5,101.

Back to the drawing board

I ended up reverting back to an old version of my website to start again. This shop and its giveaway event will be TBD. My day job starts again tomorrow, so until next weekend, I wish everyone greater internet luck than my own and fewer frustrations.

Take care. Be well. And watch out for banana peels, whether on Mario Kart or IRL.

<3 Julie

Update April 6th, 2020: New expletives in the last 24 hours: 14.

My home page did not make it through the recovery. Watch a screaming goat in the meantime.


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