First the studies — drafts 1 and 2 acrylic on 11 x 14″ slim canvas

Then the drafts — again acrylic, this time on full sized 24 x 36″ deep exhibition canvas

The final painting — with greater vignette effect, blending, and sunset tones

Abstract number 1-life thru art project-original painting by Julie Karey

A couple of mock-ups to imagine what they might look like on the wall

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And last but not least, the beautiful photo by Thomas Drasdauskis of Bowron Lake that inspires this abstract painting

Photo reference for abstract number 1 life thru art
Photo of Bowron Lake by Thomas Drasdauskis

For the full story, see my posts “Life thru art and Art thru life” and “Work in progress ☆ Abstract landscape”.

I hope you have enjoyed this painting. I have enjoyed it immensely.




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