I’ve been a bit worn out lately (since online teaching tbh), but with this special delivery today, I may just have to get my paint on.

A fist full o' brushes

I ordered these new brushes a week or so ago from one of my top ten favourite places in the world, Opus Art Supplies, supplies! and as usual in the presence of new brushes, my mouth begins to water.

Does this happen to anyone else? I become like Homer Simpson in the presence of bacon. I guess what I am hungry for is …what? I could say paint, but that’s too literal. I think it’s play: the visceral, full body bliss of creative play.

So far today I’ve had one of those days when I’m not getting off the couch, and I just need to accept that this is all I’ve got for the moment. I have been hanging with Sophie watching season III of Sex and the City.

(Wow! have things changed. Seems like gender, and the notion that it is a social construction, was just beginning to be a mainstream topic then.)

Me and my pal Sophie snuggling on the couch. ♡♡♡. Life could be a lot worse!

Me and Sophie snuggling on the couch

So I’m all settled in, like pretty good. BUT, with these brushes calling me to my happy place, I may have to devise an even lazier form of painting than my living room floor setup. To be continued…

#play #lazycreate #artlife

I hope you’re all having a body bliss Saturday of some kind.

Stay sane, stay safe, and enjoy life, friends.




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