Here I am laying the groundwork for a new painting that has been cooking in my brain for a couple of weeks.

Groundwork for the gorgeous little Steve
I used to feel like the preceding “silent” period was unproductive time or procrastination, but I have learned to allow myself this time to subconsciously work on a painting before I apply brush to canvas.

It is very much part of the process, and it fits with a principle I have learned to apply to my life in general of not forcing solutions or action. Instead, I listen and remain open, and sooner or later the solution or action comes naturally and creates less pressure and problems than if I force myself too soon.

To borrow from one of my favourite Japanese English t-shirts I bought while living in Hokkaido, “Gorgeous: live an easy life in the country” if you get what I mean ;).



For a minor hint of a preview, the subject of this here project is a gorgeous guy named Steve. He is a one-year-old beagle who is so cute I can’t even handle it. Stay tuned for more.


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