I am fallen leaves,

Cracked nails, collapsed veins, moth skin.

Mushrooms eat my toes.

This Haiku style poem is a little something in response to a dverse prompt to write with “I am”. I chose Haiku because the form would force me to be brief and focus on natural imagery.

The theme is the life-death-life cycle, which is a perennial focus in my writing. I find it helpful to deal with the autumn of life, thinking forward to the spring, seeing the “fallen leaves” as part of a bigger picture, and while lifeless, still holding life’s potential, its food.

This is about getting used to my CFS/ME body on a whole new level of cracked and worn, but also more. Paintings are forming in my mind as I rest in poetic imagery for a while (mostly others, but also some of my own).

I think that’s all I’ll say for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed it 🙂 . I’m curious with words …

… but even curiouser to hear your thoughts, so please share what you think of, where your mind wanders, when you read these words.

Yours truly,



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What a beautiful, profound piece. It’s so visually striking, the imagery on another level. Especially with the brevity, it’s absolutely amazing just how far it goes into the depth of its own meaning; I definitely could see the aspects of the life and death cycle, that return to nature in the end. My favorite line is the last one because it’s so interesting and an attention grabber. I just love it, I love this whole piece. Amazing and truly beautiful writing!


Thank you Lucy! I’m so glad you enjoyed it ??

Brian Miller

I imagine the mushrooms have finally revolted after i ate so many of them… So now they eat my toes. Ha.

You know those fallen leaves feed next seasons new growth.

I will have to poke around and find your paintings. I dabble a bit myself. More watercolor and sketch.

Julie Karey

Revolting mushrooms, I love it. You paint too, hey? Wonderful! I’ll have a look ?. I find it freeing and importantly meta-logical. Gives the brain some peace and quiet for a change Haha.


I love this haiku, each metaphor is amazing. And nice to meet you at dVerse. Can you please include this link into the Mr. Linky, at the bottom of the post. This way, others can see your link, and you can also see the links by other poets to visit and comment. Thanks for joining us. If you are not sure about going this, please let me know over at the dverse blog. Thank you.


Thanks Grace! Sure, I’ll see if I can find the Mr. Linky and check out some of the other poets:) .

Kim M. Russell

I admire that you captured the process of decay in a haiku, Julie, and so beautifully. The form certainly forced you to focus on natural imagery. Autumn is my favourite time of year and I am in the autumn of my life. I love ‘Mushrooms eat my toes’!


I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you ??. Autumn is beautiful, right? It feels like a time to slow down, rest, and reflect. Cheers to the autumn of life, too.

Lona Gynt

this is a true Haiku, has nature, has the divider, even the season. well done. beautiful. a Haiku is more than just counting syllables. 🙂


Thank you, Lona ?


I like the connection with the natural cycle of the world that you’ve made.


Thank you Kerfe ?


Such vivid imagery that I can totally relate to.


Thank you! I’m glad to hear this 🙂 .