The time between day and night, all things feel complete, all things feel possible. This is where we dream into the landscape, over the water, into the sky, thoughts jewels sparkling between us, a spectacular gap, a holy interregnum.

#sneakpeek detail of new Abstract Landscape conversations in paint no. 3 - original painting by Julie Karey
#sneakpeek detail of new Abstract Landscape conversations in paint no. 3 - original painting by Julie Karey

One Word Sunday is an open weekly challenge to share a themed post. This week’s theme is SPECTACLE.

I choose these images of sneak peek details of Conversations in Paint no. 3 coming to life. It brings together numerous moments of this twilight observed by a close-knit family. They want to bring this connecting yet open space into their home, and I completely see why. There are few things as sublime as a host of sunsets to rest upon.

This amalgam landscape is like a holy pause in which the veil of the mundane is dropped. In this open space between day and night, we see and be part of the spectacular vision that is life on Earth.

There is much to do yet. I’m excited to see where the twilights lead…

Painting for me is always a give and take process of trying to negotiate my vision with what the painting wants to be. That probably sounds odd, but the true invention of art comes in being receptive to what is emerging. It is open, vulnerable, and exploratory.

Alyssa Monks describes this as getting a bit “lost” in the work for a true creative invention to occur. To not take this risk is to merely exercise technique. No diss on technique, but it alone doesn’t harbour creation. Authentic creation comes through losing yourself in the creative process and then “finding your way back,” fully engaged. Something no one could have imagined comes out with you, and it feels awesome. It is, in a sense, spectacular. It brings your sense to life, stirs your soul.

This way of describing the creative process (paraphrased and loosely quoted) from artist Alyssa Monks is worth noting. Listening to her talk about it recently was like hearing myself speak for all the uncanny personal relevance, though with much more eloquence and acumen. It is hard to describe the experience of making art, but she nails it as far as I’m concerned.

So be brave. Get lost! And enjoy the process of finding the road back, of “resolving the tension” in that unknown territory. I know for a fact that this freaks commission clients out a bit, but this is how it works. It’s about trusting the process, and doing it!

The “tension” this painting presents for me is a sort of desire to remain in the space of potentiality. So my challenge is to finish the painting without closing that space. With further guidance from the family, I can see the way forward. I’m am super jived and rolling with it.

To be continued…

Enjoy the gap, friends. 😉

Happy Spectacle Sunday,



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Lovely abstracts, Julie. I’ve been flicking through your website and there is some great work here. I am not always a great fan of abstract, It sometimes leaves me lost. But this don’t – I particularly like this series of light and shadow exploration. I look forward to seeing more.


Wonderful! Thank you, Debbie! It makes me happy to hear my abstracts are easy to connect to.

Debbie Smyth

And just to follow up on ping backs – they are like adding a URL link in a document if you ever do that. In wordpress you just highlight the words you want to link from (say, SPECTACLE here) and you’ll see a sort of horizontal paperclip, to right of italics in my version of wordpress. Click and add the link to the post – – Then save and hey presto! I’ve put this over here so you can delete the comment when read if you want to. Happy painting and blogging, Julie


Super helpful. Thanks for the tips!