I have been drawing since childhood, originally aspiring to become a cartoon artist. I still have interest in cartoons and draw them from time to time but mostly work with painting nowadays. I took a strong interest in acrylic and mixed media painting in 2011. I am a professional with a completely unrelated full-time job (teaching English literature and composition to college students), but consider painting to be a rich and essential vein of life.

“Painting is an attempt to come to terms with life. There are as many solutions as there are human beings.” — George Tooker

In my chosen medium I’m mostly self-taught but have some formal training in painting fundamentals, colour theory, and mixed media from Emily Carr University (2016 and 2017). Earlier education in art (prior to 1997) lies in the areas of drawing, etching, sculpture, and pottery (including raku).

I am currently bouncing between a few different projects: one focused on exploring the subjective experience of colour in landscape; another that explores vivid movement in abstract line, shape, and contrast; a series of differing views of that fascinating fruit, the pomegranate; and a variety of animal paintings, some pet portraits and both wild and farmyard animals.




I am a HUGE nerd and a bit of a ham. I LOVE karaoke, horses, and a bit of tarot. I am afraid of geese and have two cats who judge me, find me lacking, and yet still love me.