Still Life

Still life work, for me, offers an opportunity to study a subject closely and explore the various compositions, techniques, and moods with which this subject can be expressed. The thing itself is always elusive in paint form, as it is in language. However, a beauty emerges as an artist moves to capture some essential quality.

I am most inspired by the still life work of artists like Georgia O’keeffe, Maya Kopitseva, and many more, including the countless talented impressionist and expressionist artists posting today on Instagram. I am also often inspired by poetry, as with the pomegranates, which are inspired by Wallace Stevens’ poem “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.” There are more pomegranates to come. If you’re interested, watch for updates. I also write the odd poem inspired by art, as with my recent post “Rose’s Midnite.”


Like many of my earlier landscapes, the pomegranates tend to be quite bright. The last here is more deliberately subdued in colour. I have left off at the seventh, directly below here. I have felt the need to let time pass and my perceptive habits and abilities change. The very slight variations here show that it has not been easy for me to “see” the pomegranate in different ways. This astonishes me because my mind is quite wildly imaginative. Ask my bosses at work. I’m sure they “love” all my ideas. Haha. But something holds me back here. Since much work in abstract, I suspect the next will be less conventional, but we’ll see.

The pomegranates are some of the few paintings that have made it into my shop (making internet “products” is a shockingly slow process).


Have you ever noticed how beautiful eggplants are? I have more of these paint sketches somewhere…


Symbolically, leaves have always attracted me. I am not alone in appreciating their display of beautiful colours. They die and fall, beautiful even then, and then come again bright brand new with the spring.


These are quite a bit more abstract than my typical still life. I made these when I was first really getting the hang of abstract, and the style became almost a compulsion. Both of them came together quite quickly, and you can see that energy in the gestural and sometimes frothy brushstrokes.

Drawings (2015)

I tried to develop a daily sketching habit a number of years ago. I am terrible at developing habits, except for drinking coffee every day. I now try to use an ever present consciousness of my priorities to rudder my varied interests and whims.

Many of these pieces are available for purchase. Please feel welcome to inquire if you see something you like or would like to commission something.