Life. Haha.

I want to paint 90% of what I see or how I see. There are fascinating patterns, contrasts, colours everywhere.

I use reference photos for a lot of my work, most of them my own; sometimes quite directly, sometimes in combination with a concept or others’ photos of their art for a technique I want to try.

To get me going, I often scroll the many amazing artist posts on Instagram. It is almost impossible not to paint after surveying what people are up to. Less frequently, but no less importantly, I draw inspiration from more famous artists like Wassily Kandinsky and Emily Carr. There are too many to name them all.

A couple of examples:

A new tree coming up through the old — unknown photo credit



I called this one here Phoenix because it reminds me of the mythical bird who is reborn from its own ashes. It captures one of the more fascinating paradoxes of life.

fullsizeoutput_4ceOne day I will paint this little lady along with a number of her barnyard friends. Farm animals are probably the most important creatures in my life. I would literally not be here without them. I find this sad and beautiful at the same time.