Artist Statement

Artist Statement

I experience art as exploration and appreciation.

Through my art, I like to connect with people and the things they find important in life, like peace and connection… and even happiness (a phenomenon I sometimes find suspect). My main work uses abstract painting and symbolism to explore and express these themes of human experience that are common yet difficult to fully grasp. 

When asked why people like one of my most popular paintings, there is a common response: “because my life feels like that sometimes.” And it is not easy to “understand” this answer in words, but looking at the painting I do completely. In fact, “that” feeling is where the painting comes from.

Eddy, as in a backflow of water, also known affectionately as The Owl, for the way it reminds some good friends of this remarkable and intense creature

For many important things in life, there are no words, and that’s ok. We are ancient and complex creatures with ways of experiencing the world and life that have no reliance on vocabulary or syntax. “What’s syntax?” a person might ask. Art allows us to say, “Who cares?” amidst an authentic human experience. 

I am a college English Literature and composition instructor by profession. I have spent a lifetime finding ways to describe in words the meaningful truth of human experiences, as those displayed in genius works of literature. However, I am at a point in life when finding words is no longer important to me, and sometimes even harmful to the full experience of life and humanity.

My main hope is to make this art of exploration and appreciation a more direct and immediate source of connection with people and deeper meanings at the center of life, even, or perhaps especially in the everyday. 

Julie Karey

Artist (and Literature & Composition Instructor)

What I Do
  • Large abstract paintings, acrylic and oil on canvas
  • Small still life studies (soon to include large works)
  • Small animal watercolour and ink paintings for kids
  • Realistic-impressionistic pet portraits
  • Commissions…

All of my projects and styles are available for commissions. Send me a message if you’re interested in scheduling some work.

Currently I’m booked up for commissions until the end of January. I can sometimes make accommodations even if I’m booked, so please feel welcome to inquire at any time.