About Me

I am an English literature instructor by day, artist by night. Mostly I paint: abstract, expressionism, illustration, and portraits (both humans and pets).

I live in Burnaby, BC, Canada (very near Vancouver). I enjoy margaritas and long walks on the beach. Art has almost always been a big part of my life.

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ART SHOP Under Construction

I struggle with chronic illness, which slows me down quite a bit, but I am an avid creator still, and I am slowly populating my shop with my work.

If there is something you see elsewhere on the site that is not in the shop, shoot me a message. It is quite possibly available, and I am happy to take inquiries.

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Currency and Shipping

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. If you live in Canada, I will cover your shipping. If you live in the US or elsewhere in our wonderful wide world, I will partly subsidize your shipping.

To find out more, please feel welcome to send me your questions.

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Latest Projects

I am currently working on a series of collaborative abstract paintings, which you are welcome to participate in if you're interested. I call them Conversations in Paint. I LOVE working with people to create art.

Other ongoing projects are renewal themed art, ink and watercolour animals for kids (or adults-why not!), and human and pet portraits.

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Find Out More About Us

Check out my blog for more on the thought and process surrounding my work as it intersects with life personally and at large. I have lots of opinions. Haha. I am also a very curious person. The topics are sometimes serious but I rarely take myself too seriously. There is the odd short story or poem as well. It’s good not to be too entrenched in one form. Read, enjoy, comment!

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Call For a Visit

I am happy to connect over all things art related, through the website contact options, phone, or email. Please feel welcome to reach out during business hours Pacific Time (9-6). If I don’t catch you on the spot, I’ll get back to you soon. Otherwise, we can arrange a time. Just shoot me a message to get the ball rolling.

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Phoenix - for art shop gallery - low res - print of painting by Julie Karey
PRINT of Phoenix | Painting Download
PRINT of Yoga Mat Meditation | Painting Download