A Quality ART PRINT that is Affordable, Fast, & Easy

DOWNLOAD and PRINT this beautiful expressionist painting at home or in a local shop. Add some artistic style to your home or office, or brighten a friend’s birthday with this unique gift.

The original painting is one of my most popular renewal art theme pieces. Read the back story about one of the first pieces here. It is the first in a new colour design print series, in which most of the prints (so far) are created through digital colour design on top of an original painting image. This colour exploration was done with paint. Find out more about this Colour Design Print series here.

No shipping… no handling… just download, print, and go.

A great last-minute gift idea… or a little something just for you… with low effort and big payoff.

Art PRINT (Download) versus Art PRINT (Poster)

Both products are made from the same high quality, high resolution image files.

This Art PRINT (Download)—which you are looking at now—can be printed in your own home today. As soon as you complete your purchase, the file is yours to print at home or in a local shop. You have immediate access to the image and the most freedom to choose what kind and size of print you want.

By contrast, the Art PRINT (Poster) in the Gift SHOP is made to order by our printing service, Printful, and then sent to your shipping destination. This is all set up for you already, but it does take a few days to make and a couple more to deliver. You have size options, but the type of print is set. It is museum-quality poster made on thick and durable matte paper.

Choose what is best for you. Immediate access and more choices? Go with the Download! Or everything already set up for you? Go with the Poster!


Print this file up to 24×24″.

Best crispness up close is up to 16×16″.

Most common, easy, and affordable framing is for up to 8×10″ or 8.5×11″, which is a print size you can do on your own home printer! Also great sizes for a nice, unique gift.

Go to your favourite print shop to print larger. Once you download the image, have fun with it! Have a look through the sample images to see different ways you can print the same image.


  • High resolution digital image: 64MB PNG file (let me know if you need JPEG)
  • Print in your preferred size
  • Up close (e.g. on your desk)—recommended sizes: up to 10x 10″
  • Viewing on the wall (e.g. across from your couch) —recommended sizes: up to 24×24″
  • Commonly sold frame sizes—recommended sizes: 8×8″, 1ox10″, 4×6″, 5×7″, 8×10″, 8.5×11″, 11×14″
  • Get creative! Try a square print, or print a detail. Crop using your standard phone or computer’s photo program. Just make sure to duplicate the file before you make changes!
  • Original colour design by the artist, Julie Karey
  • Image based on an original painting by the artist, Julie Karey
  • Copyright held by the artist, Julie Karey


Downloading a painting can be a great option for a gift in a hurry. It’s yours as soon as the purchase is complete. No need to wait for shipping and handling.

Printing Your Image:

Print right at home with your home photo printer! (A++) Instant gratification.

You can use the same paper you use for your photos. The file is set up to print with the standard printing inks (CMYK–or Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black).

Or you can outsourceThere are many options for buying prints these days. In general, we’ve got big box stores like Costco and Walmart versus a more local, specialized print shop.

Choose your printing option according to what is most important to you.

Print at home: provided you already have a photo printer and ink, this is your fastest, most cost-effective option, with quality depending on your printer.

Home printers range from offering a basic quality photo print to offering high quality, nearly professional prints. You know your home printer best. I suggest considering whether your printer offers what you need.

Box stores: retailers like Costco and Wallmart are great if you need the print quickly (same day is often possible), are looking for the best bargain (besides a good home printer), and are happy with a dependable, good photo quality.

I have artist friends who swear by using the box store printers when they sell their photos at art fairs. The quality is solid.

Fine art printers: places like Opus or any local art printer or framing shop are great if you like to support local business, want the best service and quality, and have a bit of time and more than a few dollars.

This level of service costs more than the box stores but far less than an original painting, and is worth the extra cost if you want a museum quality print that will stand the test of time.

Additional information

Product Type

art print download

Art Style

still life, expressionism


consumer choice, original design, high resolution


affordable, value for your dollar


print your preferred size, up to 24×24", file size 64MB, the original painting size is 12×12"

File Type

PNG, let me know if you need JPEG


fast, easy


People rebuilding their lives with cancer or after its remission

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Size Chart

Outsourcing Guide

 Fast Cheap Good
Box Stores like Costco and Wallmart
Total Grade: B+
Speedy: Possibly Same day (A+)
  • Vendors like Costco and Wallmart take orders online or in store. Easy peasy!
  • The prints are often ready within a couple of hours.
  • ... purchase this digital image and have the print in your hands today!
Softest on the wallet (A+)
  • Chain vendors can offer photo prints for just a few dollars.
Good photo printing quality (B)
  • You may get some basic help with your files.
  • Some size and quality limitations…
  • BUT vendors like these offer more sizes and products than in the past.
Professional Fine Art Printers like Opus or any local art printer or framing shop
Total Grade: B+


Plan ahead (B)
  • Plan a couple weeks ahead.
  • Most print shops take orders in store, online, or via email or phone. Easy peasy!
  • May take time, depending on where they do or source their prints, and other factors.
  • Opus takes about 10 days in my experience, but ask them to be sure.
Low to medium cost (B)
  • In short, more than a few dollars but usually far cheaper than an original painting.
  • Professional fine art printers offer high quality prints for a range of prices depending on what you want.
  • An 8×10″ fine art print might cost $20-25 or more.
  • Larger sizes and printing on canvas cost more.
Excellent fine art quality (A++)
  • Museum quality surfaces, …all kinds of artist paper, plus canvases
  • Museum quality inks
  • Variety in sizes
  • Staff will usually work with you to ensure you get the look and quality you want.
  • Call or visit in store if you have questions. Staff are typically happy to help.

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