Pomegranate III is a 12 x 24″ original acrylic painting on deep exhibition canvas.

This painting is a part of a series that considers the pomegranate from a variety of perspectives to gain greater insight on it as both an object in and of itself and a symbol. The series is inspired by Wallace Stevens’ poem “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.”

It sounds very serious when I describe it like this, but in truth, it is a bit tongue in cheek and very much about enjoying the sensual colours and textures of the fruit. It is an exploration.

I have some musings about these paintings in a post I wrote. I still have a few to do in the series.

This painting reminds me of Stevens’s “Blackbird” stanza about the birds around the women’s feet. These could be seen as mundane or even a nuisance, but they could also be experienced as living beauty, as precious as gold to those with eyes to see.

Similarly, the pomegranate kernels in this painting are scattered fruit, which is not that interesting, except that pomegranate kernels are probably some of the most beautiful “creatures” in existence. In this painting they look a little like the blackbirds in the poem–relatively small and inconsequential–or are they in fact rubies strewn across the table?

“Thirteen Ways” reminds us that truth and life are all about perspective.

And then the blackbird fruit casts odd shadows on the wall and table, almost with a life of their own.

I see this painting as a bright and juicy addition to perhaps a kitchen or a study wall. It’s lively and curious to me, two of the best things in life in my opinion. 😉

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Dimensions24 × 1.5 × 12 in

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