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No shipping… no handling… just download, print, and go.

A quality Art PRINT that is affordable, fast, & easy

Download and PRINT this beautiful painting of a new, young tree growing out of an old, fallen one. A great gift for a friend in a pinch or instant satisfaction for yourself.


Download and PRINT this beautiful painting I call Phoenix, after the bird who arises from its own ashes. The original was 12 x 16″. It was sold at an art auction charity event, where 50% of the total went to help with cancer patients’ everyday care. This amazing charity is called InspireHealth.


SIZES: The file prints crisp images up to 9 x 12″ for viewing up close. Good for viewing on the wall (such as while sitting on the couch or at the dining room table) up to 12×16″ or even 16×20″. You can choose your size. Most common and easy to find affordable framing for are 11×14″, 8×10″, 5×7″, and 4 x 6″.

SURFACES: You can use your home colour photo printer or bring the file to your favourite print shop. Costco does great quality photo prints, quick and low-cost. Art print shops can get you the highest quality print on archival paper of your choice (or even on canvas!) if you prefer quality over convenience. I use Opus Art Supplies for my highest quality prints.

WHY buy a PRINT?

Downloading a painting can be a great option for a gift in a hurry. It’s yours as soon as the purchase is complete.

No shipping… no handling… just download, print, and go.

MORE information

For more on the story behind this painting, which is part of my Renewal Art project, see my post Phoenix….

I’ve included some mock-ups, so you can see what the painting might look like in your home. (Keep in mind, I’m still working on my Photoshop skills, but I hope you get the idea.)

Printing Your Image:

Print right at home with your home photo printer! (A++) Instant gratification.

Or you can outsource: Choose a printing service according to what is most important to you. Fast-Cheap-Good, pick two ;).

Outsourcing Guide

CHAIN VENDORS like Costco and Wallmart 

Total Grade: B+
Speedy (A+)
  • Vendors like Costco and Wallmart take orders online or in store. Easy peasy!
  • The prints are often ready within a couple of hours.
Softest on the wallet (A+)
  • Chain vendors can offer photo prints for just a few dollars.
Good photo printing quality (B)
  • You may get some basic help with your files.
  • Some size and quality limitations…
  • BUT vendors like these offer more sizes and products than in the past.
PROFESSIONAL FINE ART PRINTERS like Opus or any local art printer or framing shop 

Total Grade: B+


Plan ahead (B)
  • Plan a couple weeks ahead.
  • Most print shops take orders in store, online, or via email or phone. Easy peasy!
  • May take time, depending on where they do or source their prints, and other factors.
  • Opus takes about 10 days in my experience, but ask them to be sure.
Low to medium cost (B)
  • In short, more than a few dollars but usually far cheaper than an original painting.
  • Professional fine art printers offer high quality prints for a range of prices depending on what you want.
  • An 8×10″ fine art print might cost $20-25 or more.
  • Larger sizes and printing on canvas cost more.
Excellent fine art quality (A++)
  • Museum quality surfaces, …all kinds of artist paper, plus canvases
  • Museum quality inks
  • Variety in sizes
  • Staff will usually work with you to ensure you get the look and quality you want.
  • Call or visit in store if you have questions. Staff are typically happy to help.







Additional information

Product Type

art print download


trees in the forest, the persistence of life

Art Style

still life, impressionism


consumer choice, bestseller, high resolution


affordable, value for your dollar


print your preferred size, up to 16×20", file size 55MB


fast, easy

File Type


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