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High Quality Art PRINT (Posters) are made in Canada. Most other products are made in the USA. If you live in the US, or are simply shipping to the the US, this is great news. It means you, my valued neighbours, do not need to pay import taxes. Canadians are less lucky, in that most of my art "swag" crosses borders to get to you, my fellow Canadians.

Printful (who makes the "swag") has buyers pay any related import taxes, so wherever you are from, please be aware of import tax as a possible charge after your purchase. For Canadians, this will be the same amount you would pay in sales tax if you bought the items in your province. In BC, that amount is 12%.

If import taxes apply, you will receive an email from the shipping company while your package is in transit. I know this is probably super annoying. Please let me know if you have any issues, and thank you for your patience.

Printful fulfills its orders as close to "home" as possible. If you're shipping to America, then Printful will have an American shop put your order together. If there is no shop in your home country or the shipping destination, Printful will have a nearby shop fulfill your order. Sometimes, Printful calls on a shop in a nearby country for back-up to fulfill an order if there is a high demand or shortage in the local one.

For Canadians, all products are made either in Canada or the US.

Made in Canada: High Quality Art PRINTS (unframed)

    • Swag produced in Canada will increase as this local service is developed.

Made in the USA: Everything Else!

For Americans, all products are made in the US!

For Europeans, all products are made in Europe!

Other countries, like Canada, make some of their products locally and source the rest from nearby countries.

Besides the US, Canada, and Europe, Printful has facilities in Mexico, Australia, and Japan.

This means that all of my Art "Swag" is made as close to home as possible, following relatively strict environmental regulations, and in facilities operated by people who are protected by labour laws. (In Mexico too? I'll have to ask what the deal is in Mexico.)

More than this, Printful declares commitment to sustainability and responsibility, which are both important to me. Part of this involves supporting the equity, growth and opportunities of its staff as an essential way to recognize the value of the people that make up their business. Find out more about Printful's core values here.

*Where there is a conflict between what is written here are in Printful's policies and literature, Printful's stands. This is my own understanding of their policies and core values.*

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Watercolour and ink rabbit by Julie Karey
Watercolour & Ink Rabbit no. 4

SOLD 5 x 7″ watercolour & ink rabbit no. 4 of the 2020 bunch so far.

This is an original painting done on heavy, acid free artist paper, with professional waterproof, fade-proof ink.

Ink and watercolour rabbit 3 - original painting by Julie Karey
Watercolour & Ink Rabbit no. 3

SOLD 5 x 7″ watercolour & ink rabbit no. 3 of the 2020 bunch so far.

This is an original painting done on heavy, acid free artist paper, with professional waterproof, fade-proof ink.

Easter bunny original painting 1
Watercolour & Ink Rabbit no. 1

8 x 10″ watercolour & ink rabbit painting no. 1 of the 2020 series.

This here wee rabbit is an 8 x 10″ original painting. A much needed dose of cute and fuzzy, yours for only $50.

Easter Bunny Colouring Print 1 by Julie Karey
Easter Bunny Colouring Print 1

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Download this free rabbit illustration to colour with your kids.

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